By special request Underlying Toni Maticevski’s work is asensitive utilisation of toneand texture as well as an innate understanding of fabric and its applications. Sometimes complex draped pieces and at other times quietly simple they embody the designer’s continued exploration of tailoring and line, combining fluid and classical silhouettes executedwith disciplined construction with a speed shutter vision for the future. Draped and structural designs are underscored by contrasting fabric textures and weights in a soft paletteoccasionally accented with a sharp flash colour. Invariably Maticevski’s designs are sculptural pieces inspired and supported by the outline of the body, which play with the seemingly contradictory ideas of structure and fluidity. With soft volumes in luxurious fabrications, his work creates and emphasises drama. A solid attention and innate understanding of how women want to feel in clothes, an appreciation of comfort he ensures that pleasure is given not to solely the wearer but also the viewer.Maticevski infuses his work with an emotional appeal, evoking notions of fragility, melancholy, otherworldliness.Incorporating clever and irregular panelling that reference couture cut techniques of the 1930s and 50’s and an astutepreceision mirror tailoring are all elements to his work. Some dresses appear to twist around the body, highlighting Maticevski’s signature approach to construction, draping and consistently pushing his ability and understadning of form and dressing women.Remarkable given his technical complexity with fabrication, it is a restrained work ethic that demonstrates Maticevski persistent and delicate refining of his craftsmanshipthrough engagement with the wearer, her needs, her desires, fears and dimensionality.Since launching his label in 1999, Toni Maticevski has retained a strong hands-on approach to his work, draping and sampling his designs himself. He balances the design and creation of a successful ready-to-wear label alongside his bespoke practicecatering to one off commissions. His particular mix of high glamour and exacting technical know-how, coupled with a restrained and sleek tailoring have earned him recognition. Driven by his desire to continually experiment, Maticevski’s work exhibits considerable diversity from one season to the next. Choosing to eschew mainstream trends, he acknowledges that rather than trying to make his collections commercial, he prefers to work on ideas that are creatively challenging and likely to push his designs further. This in turn has made him the lust of most women who have worn his creations and experienced the results of standing out in a crowd with subtlety and sensuality.Maticevski continues to quietly nurture his craft and his design sensibilities. In the span of four years he has expanded his international presence in over 100 boutiques and department stores work wide. With an ever growing market in the United Kingdom, Asia, the Middle Eastand now Europe and the US, Maticevski has shown how humble talent and innovation can be visible and appreciated from an international audience and a loyal devoted wearer who finds more than clothing in his creations. She finds love, desire, happiness, memory, protection and strength